There is a common criticism that impacts the credibility of the Libertarian party, and has arguably led to it not being a major political force in America: There is not enough diversity in the party. In May of 2016, then-potential Libertarian nominee for president John McAfee, founder of McAfee Software, stood on the stage at the Libertarian National Convention in Orlando, Florida, and spoke directly the the audience. He said to them “Look at yourselves. You’re all white. That’s what is wrong with this party.” And he is absolutely right. The Libertarian party is made up of disgruntled moderate, white, Republicans and Democrats who have found that their place is to be a thorn in the side of their former masters, as opposed to being an actual party that works to get candidates elected into political office.

Many will look at this criticism and say, “Well, the majority of Americans are white, so it only makes sense…” and I will stop those folks right there. Both of the major American political parties, Republicans and Democrats, tout ethnic diversity as one of their key selling points, and it undoubtedly gains those two parties the support of some independent voters. The Libertarian party has yet to tap into this resource as a tool for recruitment to the party, and has instead chose to solely focus on building the party from the top down by only running a presidential candidate every election cycle, instead of getting the word out to communities who may feel disenfranchised by both major parties, yet don’t know that there is a better option. There has not been one time at any parade, meeting, or political polling place where I have personally seen volunteers sign people up for the party, projecting the voice of the party, or otherwise promoting the Libertarian message in a way that was not self destructive. Let us face the facts that are laying at our feet: Black, Hispanic, and Asian voters do not know about the Libertarian party and are kept solely in the vicious cycles of the two-party system. They cannot escape it because the two major parties have hijacked the situations that many minority families live in, such as poverty or discrimination, and use those extenuating circumstances to promise big changes for those living in such conditions while, in reality, providing nothing for their constituents. In other words, it is the largest and longest back-stabbing campaign in American history, going on for well over a century and a half, and yet the Libertarian party cannot pull itself together to free these folks from the bonds that hold them on their knees.