Ladies and gentlemen, let me be very clear. This is by no means a dissing of the federal system in which America currently resides, it simply is an opposition’s viewpoint regarding the constant abuses of the leadership of said federal system, including but not limited to appointed judges and justices, the elected and appointed executives of the nation, and the elected and observing members of our legislative bodies.

No longer are the individuals within our legislative system working in the best interest of their constituencies or electors, rather they are acting on the best interests of the individuals who bid the highest dollar and stand to benefit the legislators the most. These so-called lobbyists are intended to be an important part of our democracy through benefitting both industry and the individuals working for these industries, not simply the top executives and the lobbyists themselves. The legislators also now serve the interests of the executive branch rather than serving as a check on their power. The executive orders a new program created, and either congress turns a blind eye to the creation of such a department or hastily slips it in to an existing piece of legislation without other legislators realizing. The legislators additionally refuse to acknowledge that they contribute to the problem of a slow and ineffective congress, which subsequently causes low approval ratings almost universally among polls.

No longer does the executive or their lower branches serve the best interests of the American people, their constituency. The executive constantly is on the offensive or defensive, defending against perceived injustices to their character or otherwise potentially damaging information. The executive additionally acts on his own view of how the nation must be run instead of how the nation believes it should be run. Unfortunately this trend of dissociation has increased the amount of indifference and negative attitudes toward the system that is currently in place. The executive branches no longer serve to defend Americans against unwarranted influences, nor do they serve to act in the best interest of the American people. Instead, their appointed and confirmed heads adhere to decades-old rhetoric, employing outdated methods of enforcement and policy development that should be seen in the 1930s instead of in the modern era, where a liberal society is necessary in order to provide for the defense of common liberties and civil rights. The executive branch additionally has failed its constituency on an international scale, engaging in more diplomatic and military blunders that are overtly displayed on every news site and station around the world. This, among other covert blunders that haven’t been shared with the American people, have led to the decreasing value of the American product, dollar, and input around the world, and has allowed other diplomatic and military superpowers to become emboldened in the face of our weakness.

No longer does the supreme judicial court and its lower counterparts among the several districts and states serve to enforce the abiding of laws and deliver punishments if the aforementioned are violated. Instead, the bench has become a hotbed of activism and disinformation, and has served as a hindrance to the progress of our nation as a whole. The courts now serve to create laws rather than interpret them in a way that they were originally written.