Just hours after losing in a humiliating upset to now President Elect Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton seems to have gone off the radar completely. Without a doubt, Hillary is hiding from both the media and the public for the most part. In all honesty, I feel bad for her. She has worked tirelessly to set herself up to be a halfway decent president, and then had it all come crashing down around her in a whirlwind of scandals, investigations, and political blunders that were out of her control completely. Happily, it seems that she may have recovered somewhat.

Resuming what many of us would consider a normal life, Clinton has remained active on most social media, keeping up with constant posts and commentary on the latest issues. She also has been spotted in several stores around her home city in New York, stopping to take selfies with several shoppers and cashiers in a grocery store.

Her movement, #Imwithher, has not died out, either. Green Candidate Jill Stein raised a quick $4 million to launch a massive recount campaign in swing states where results could still be disputed, however it is very unlikely that even a recount could make a difference at this point. Protests continue over the illegitimacy of the electoral college as an undermining force opposed to democratic ideals, and cities such as New York and Portland continue to feel most of these effects. On that topic, I do believe that the electoral college undermines democracy, but that will be a post for another day. She continues to receive support from her community especially. Just this morning, she was greeted by a barrage of well-wishers’ signs outside her New York home with good tidings and wishes for a happy holiday.

In this way, I agree that Hillary Clinton was cheated out of an election. The popular support was there, just not where she needed it the most: the swing states. After the political smoke has cleared from around Clinton, I think that everyone, regardless of who they supported, started to see a little bit of human in her. Political elections have a way of dehumanizing the competitors to their opponents, which is a ridiculous thing to have in America, which is supposed to be a nation where we lift one another up instead of barraging one another to drive each other into the ground to use as stepping stools.